Because of the lack of a representative institution of the profession in Brazil, in 2007, a group of therapists decided to create an association of professional representation, based on the law and non-profit interest, interested only in form a solid group of professionals in this area in Brazil. Today in 2014, we find ourselves in all states of the Brazilian Federation.

The ABRATH aims to act alongside therapists and companies to lead them to an ethical and professional behavior, so they can gain confidence through holistic knowledge and transmit this confidence to their customers as well as to work with the population through clarification as , conduct, profession, service, product, and others with holistic basis and in need of clarification. Unlike other institutions, we do not fight for the regulamentation of the profession, because we know that for a profession be regulated, we must first organize our therapists and act in the society, which are solid foundations for parliamentary recognition of the arguments.

Almost all professions in Brazil are not regulated or don't have a Federal or Regional Council, even so, today's society demands a proof of professional habilitation, that's why we have the voluntary self-regulation of professions not regulated as the holistic therapist, has an entity of professional representation backed by Law, ABRATH provides to its members a professional record, structured self-regulation through the Certificate of Technical Responsibility Holistic, abbreviated as CRTH-BR, which is considered by many as a guarantee of the legitimacy of a profession not yet recognized by the Federal Government, but already recognized by the Ministry of Labour through the Brazilian Classification of Occupation, the CBO, and part of Brazilian society.

There are reliable professionals from various fields who are not affiliated to a professional representative body, however a affiliated and registered professional have the trust, ethics and proven knowledge.

Our Certificate of Technical Responsibility is given to Holistic therapists working in the therapeutic field and our Legal Certificate in Holistic Practice is awarded to institutions working in the holistic field.

Our membership and certificates CRTH-BR and BR-CJAH are not discriminatory because they are attainable by people of all social classes, religions, races and locations.

There are dozens of bodies of professional representation in Brazil between Associations, Unions, Federations and etc, it's up to you reading this text, the proposal to meet these entities and to compare them properly and finally decide which one will best serve and represent you. We hope that you receive fondly our proposal.

Remember, syndicates are patronal entities, they work just in the legal framework, representing the employee by the employer, unlike ABRATH, that act in all the acting areas of the therapist, with the exception, of course, of the labor area, that only syndicates work with. Besides the ABRATH membership, if you are goin to work with signed, it is interesting to have a sindicate affiliation, but not obligatory, Don't believe in sindicates that say that the therapist it's obligated to be affiliated, that's not true, your affiliations must be spontaneous, just like your ABRATH affiliation.

Remember, the ABRATH operates solely for the professional self-regulation of our profession. The ABRATH does not teach courses or sell any products, but among their services are the recognition and registration of certificates and courses of their affiliates or even the product support framed on quality of life. Learn about our services by clicking the Services menu.

Annuities are used for maintenance and service fees and are symbolic and fully dedicated to strengthening the profession, in order that ABRATH does not seek profit, so that our certificates are not tied to tuition or fees for maintenance and is considered a lifetime registration.

The ABRATH fits their affiliated therapist in a therapeutic qualification, according to the techniques of his record.

Finally, with the publication of this document, we expect to clarify ABRATH's work and also who we are, and encourage the class of Holistic Therapists and Enterprises to become increasingly more professional.

CNPJ 13.768.714/0001-96