United Nations


Brazilian Association of Holistic Therapist

Our institution, from 2014, is duly registered with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.

We are an organization of professional representation that has not yet been regulated by the federal government, so we seek the recognition of Brazilian society using the resources of information technology and social actions that aim to prepare our professional society and clarify the matters involving a call holistic.

The UN, from 2015, expects of our institution a acting focused on information, social enlightenment, resulting in an increase in holistic care throughout Brazil and in turn, improving the quality of life for all who live in this country.

Come together invest in Social Action, help fund the 'Therapists in Action' in Brazil.

A AThe ABRATH, respects and recognizes the right of all therapists to pursue his profession, this right does not depend on being a affiliated with our or any other entity. We are health professionals, that wish and want to coloborate with all Brazilians who seek a better quality of life and why not say, help them win more and more dignity.

Charity is not giving basket, charity is to give dignity.

Charity is to provide the necessary means to anyone, so they can win his own dignity.

Affiliate yourself with ABRATH, meet our innovative proposals and the services we provide.

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