abrath annuity payment


Annuity ABRATH 2014/2015 R$ 240,00 + tax certificate-card 2014/2015 R$ 50,00

Total: R$ 290,00

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ABRATH Payment options:


Payment of services through Bank, por TED, TEF ou DOC.

  • Bank 104: Caixa Econômica Federal
  • Agency/Account: 1922
  • Operation Juridic Account: 003
  • Account number: 000018813 ou 00001881-3
  • Favored: ABRATH
  • CNPJ: 13.768.714/0001-96
  • Any payment by the above method, the proof must be sent by e-mail.

Annuity payment through Billet ABRATH

  • Bank: Any agency until maturity.
  • Expiration date: Option of the affiliated.
  • Annuity value: 1x of R$ 290,00 or 2x of R$ 155,00 or 3x of R$ 110,00.
  • Request your billet here -> Renew my annuity
  • Documents issued in the first billet.

Annuity payment through Pagseguro

  • Only Credit Card
  • Values 10x of R$ 34,90.

Note: Always send an email to ABRATH communicating membership payment by entering the payment details. In PagSeguro payment mode, it is possible to divide the annuity through a credit card up to 10 times. This method of payment have a fee that is charged by PagSeguro already incorporated in installments... Affiliate with CJAH-BR pay annuity directly by ABRATH account.